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This one goes out to the one I love.




if what you has to say has nothing to do with Holly, then don't bother posting.

If you join and we don't know you, you will banned. Unless of course you shower Holly with compliments.

Any "Holly-Bashing" will result in an automatic ban. And that's that.

You DO NOT have to be infatuated with MY Holly to join this community. If you yourself have a special Holly, you are more than welcome to join. Just let us know that is the reason you joined.

THIS IS NOT A CULT. Although we are considering it, we prefer to call ourselves a "fan-club".

Talk about Holly. Post conversations you've had. All the little witty things she says.
♥ ♥ ♥

The first day that we met, I was so in to you But now you're gone and I'm sitting here all alone...Where did you go?

She whispers things right in to my brain And I don't know what to say So I laugh out loud like I don't even care As she starts to walk away So why do I bother? She looks like an elf and smells real bad But she can dance, and she can sing real loud I wonder if I took her home and showed her to my parents Would they be proud, For all she does I guess I should stop thinking about it and try.

Have you seen my giRRRL? She's the one with the curly hair.